Who we are

Trestle Academy -Ghana(TAG) is a non-profit that is helping young people acquire the most crucial skills in Tech that gives them an unfair advantage in the 21st Century. We provide an environment for young people to Discover their potentials, Innovate and Build real-world projects that solves crucial problems in the world.


Our vision is to Empower people to impact lives through 21st Century Skills acquisition, dynamic business opportunities, and innovative products.

Meet The Team

Our team of dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic individuals from different background ensures your time with us is most fruitful and exciting.


We continue to commit to building and collaborating on solutions and projects that impact society.

ML App Registry

Machine Learning apps that analyzes user Sentiment, predict Salary and predict Iris flower classes.

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Trestle Academy

Partnership with Trestle Group Foundation to train people in Data Science. These skills are changing lives.

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