Talent Discovery

We believe there is a large talent pool in Africa waiting to be discovered and developed to benefit the industry. That is why we are continually looking and developing talents across Africa to feed industry.



Innovation is the bedrock of our activities. We encourage and celebrate all forms of innovation especially with the use of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence.


We provide an environment and tools need to build solutions that add value to the world. We believe that most of the problem in our communities can be solved by young people.



We are changing the world through technology

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Our upcoming hackathon

Computer vision in customer service hackathon

As Ghana takes steps to digitize it's economy and improve business operations in the country, customer service operations becomes the core of this digital transformation agenda. This hackathon therefore seeks to leverage the emerging Artificial Intelligence techniques and tools in providing efficient and secure customer service experiences in commercial establishments in the country.

How can we deliver excellent customer service using computer vision? If got any ideas, apply to the Trestle Academy Hackathon to get the opportunity to develop your products with 4th-IR, an AI company based in Switzerland.


News and Updates

We have been involved with our ever-growing community, and are happy to share our achievements with you. For many years, we have been making a difference in the lives of youth in Africa. Get involve today!

Trestle Academy

Partnership with Trestle Group Foundation to organize Trestle Academy just ended in glorious success!

Ai Training

Every Friday at the Department of Computer Science, University of Ghana.